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Onomatopoeia Dictionary
Words that sound like the thing they mean: Imitative words. From the Greek "onoma" (name) and "poiein" (to make)

aaht aahht bloooot

sounds of busy city horns (cars) MAD magazine

automotive tone


other spellings: ah-ooo-ga, ah-ooh-gah, oo-ga. 1. Klaxon sound signaling "dive" in 1940's US navy submarines ref 2. Sound produced by horn on antique automobiles such as Ford Model-A ref1, ref2

automotive horn


bird , automobile horn, or computer generated tone. "Beep beep!" is also the signature call of the Road Runner character (a bird) in the Looney Tunes cartoons. Find more tones

animal bird automotive tone

beep beep beep beep beep beep whirrrffftt bonk

Sound of a forklift (From Diggers go by Steve Light). All caps in the book BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP WHIRRRFFFTT BONK

engine lift truck automotive

bllgh blllgggh blllllgggghh

(automotive) sound of boiling coolant Cartalk

engine automotive liquid water


(automotive) sound of a bad turbo. Cartalk

engine automotive


U.S. city police siren in traffic (ref)

police tone alarm siren city car automotive

bwwob bwwwobbubwub

Sound of a car engine low on coolant Cartalk

automotive engine


1. slight sharp sound, eg. camera making a photo. 2. nonvocal suction sound in some languages, 3. to talk noisily or rapidly. The sound made by dolphins is also called "clicking".
In the media: click it or ticket is the name and slogan of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration campaign aimed at increasing the use of seat belts among young people in the United States. Also: "clunk click, every trip (click the seatbelt on after clunking the car door closed; UK campaign) and: "click, clack, front and back" (click, clack of connecting the seatbelts; AU campaign)

human animal automotive


1. blowing on hot soup 2. flatulence (fart) 3. air running out of a tire

gas air eat_drink automotive food

floovb, floovb, vwomp, vwomp

sound of a bad tire of a car. Cartalk

automotive engine movement rubber

gulla, gulla, glugluglugluglug

sound of a bad axle, in a car (Cartalk)

automotive car engine metal

hissssssssss ssss ss

(automotive) sound a of a failing brake booster

engine automotive


1. bird vocalization (e.g. goose), 2. car-horn

animal bird automotive

jee je je jeee

(automotive) clutch release bearing on the way out. Cartalk

engine automotive


sound of a car running over a road safety bump (ref)

car automotive movement hit

NEE-eu NEE-eu

French police siren (ref)

police traffic siren tone alarm car automotive

nnnghuh nnnguh

Sound of a broken power steering pump in a car Cartalk

automotive engine

puhVRooPuhHoo puhVROOpuhHOO

Sound of an engine misfire in a car Cartalk

automotive engine


sound of a car when driving fast

engine automotive movement

schwump schwump schwump schwump

sound of windshield wipers of a car during heavy rain (ref). More rain sounds. More car sounds

rain weather automotive liquid water


1. a high shrill piercing cry usually expressing pain or terror, 2. the high pitched sound the tires of a car make when it turns at high speed

human human pain animal engine automotive movement crack


sound of engine knocking. Car Talk

automotive engine metal


Common name for auto rickshaw, imitative of the sound of the small two-stroke engine (thailandtuktuk.net). Also called trishaw, auto, rickshaw, autorick, bajaj, rick, tricycle, mototaxi, or baby taxi.

engine automotive


sound of a fast driving car or an explosion (Also the title of a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Find more explosions.

explosion engine automotive movement

vooRRRR, vooRRR, vooRRR

Engine revving up and down Cartalk

automotive engine


sound of a car

engine automotive movement

woh woh woh woh

(automotive) sound of a bad bearing in the timing belt tensioner

engine automotive


Sound of a loose belt in a car engine Cartalk

automotive engine

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