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Words that sound like the thing they mean: Imitative words. From the Greek "onoma" (name) and "poiein" (to make)


BAMF in the Marvel comic books represents the sound of X-Men character Nightcrawler when he transports himself. The sound is caused by air rushing into the area where Nightcrawler's body once was

misc gas movement


Referee whistle. also: preet

sports music

fwww - cluck

sound of a hockey puck hitting the net of the goal and then the ice (ref)

sports ice hockey hit


sound of the goal light and siren in a hockey game (ref)

sports hockey goal alarm siren tone


the sound of ice skates during a game of hockey (ref)

ice movement human skating sports


Sound of a skateboarder skateboarding. Skateboarder doing a trick: "Krrrrrrrr, snap! (pause) Crack! Krrrrrrrr..." user Mikemega on answerbag.com

movement human sport toy


sound of a puck hit during hockey (ref)

sports hit hockey ice


sound of an aluminum bat hitting a baseball (ref)

bat sports hit ball

shuush, shuush

sound of skiing through the snow (ref)

movement snow sliding sports


sound of badminton rackets hitting the shuttle

sports hit


sound of a baseball, hitting a catcher's mitt (ref)

sports ball movement hit


to move swiftly with a vibratory sound, eg of a small electric motor, electronic film transport in an analog photo camera.

engine movement

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